Important Resources for Mining Industry in 2021

The mining sector plays an important role in supporting the Indonesian economy. In fact, Geologically, Indonesia is a potential region for the formation of various unexplored energy and mineral resources. During this COVID-19 pandemic, the mineral and coal mining sector should be contributing to the vision of recovering national economy.

Therefore, what are the resources that need to be improved in the mining, mineral and coal sectors? Below is the statement from the Director General of Mineral and Coal of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Ridwan Djamaluddin:

1. Mineral and coal resources

As the pricing of resources is stable, government and mining industries need to cooperate for resource utilization, especially for domestic interests.

Strategizing in the scope of long-term perspective is really needed for the realization of this program.

2. Human resources

Second agenda is how the mining sector can create the widest possibility of employment opportunities. If the mineral and coal processing and refining is carried out domestically, according to him, this will have an impact on increasing the absorption of domestic workers. For this reason, his party continues to encourage the downstream mining sector to continue going forward.

This was also agreed and valued by several companies. Other than good corporate governance, the mindset that applies for “human resources are not workers but company assets” might create impact for society and quality of work, especially if it is combined aspects such as: creativity, leadership and competency skills

3.Supporting resources

If local products is guaranteed and involved in the process, it might result a multiplier effect for more people as well as more contribution for Indonesian economy.

4. Environmental aspects

The reality in the mining sector in environmental aspect should be assessed in serious way and cannot be forgotten. Environmental Law related to mining sector is one of instrumental tool to ensuring environmental sustainability through protection and environmental management.

Source: Kompas, CNBC



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