AD 200 and AD 240 Man Portable Rigs

The AD 200 and AD 240 man portable rig is a multipurpose top head drive rig, which can be used for rotary mud or wireline diamond drilling in HQ, NQ or BQ size, where geotechnical and coal samples are required. The rig is man portable, but can be towed around on a skid if the topography allows. The rig is ideal where a minimum environmental impact and small footprint is required.

Drilling Capabilities:
Diamond Core
Rotary Mud
Depth Capabilities:
AD 200

BQ               200mtrs
NQ/NQ3       140mtrs
HQ/HQ3       100mtrs

AD 240

BQ               240mtrs
NQ/NQ3       200mtrs
HQ/HQ3       150mtrs

AD 200 Sangihe (2)R AD 200 Sangihe R

 AD 200 Sangihe (6)R AD 200 Sangihe R

 AD200-AD240 3