Safety Mission Statement

Asiadrill believes it has a legal and moral responsibility to provide a healthy and safe workplace by reducing risks as far as is practicable.

Our vision is to have an incident and injury free workplace where employees work as a team towards a common goal of proactively managing safety in order to prevent worker injury, whilst still providing a productive service to our clients.

Health and Safety Plan

Asiadrill is an exploration drilling company based in Indonesia, operating primarily in the mining and petroleum industries, especially prominent in the fields of mineral and coal exploration and mine site dewatering.

We are committed to providing a work environment free from hazards and providing a safe work environment for our employees. Asadrill’s prime objective is to establish safety requirements and protection procedures to minimise the potential for exposure and injuries to any field personnel working on or in the vicinity of any Asiadrill work site.

Safety is a basic responsibility of all employees, and must be strictly adhered to in order to minimise risk and allow all to work in a safer environment. Asiadrill will conduct all activities in compliance with any applicable standards, procedures, regulations and laws.

Asiadrill will ensure that:

  • Each employee adheres to any and all health and safety requirements, policies, procedures, programs and performs his or her duties in a safe manner,
  • An effective Safety program is in place and the management conducts training according to our safety procedures and job safety analysis,
  • Investigations are conducted on each and every incident, accident, hazard and near miss, with a view to minimising danger within all workplaces, with a view to help protect any and all workers in or around any workplace;
  • Routine monitoring is conducted and hazard potential analysis is carried out in order to achieve a safe work environment;
  • Appropriate personal protective equipment is provided to all employees.